Transparent quasi-interdigitated electrodes (t-QIDEs) were produced by replacing the opaque components of existing QIDEs with indium tin oxide (ITO). We demonstrate their application in the first semi-transparent back-contact perovskite solar cell. A device with a VOC of 0.88 V and a JSC of 5.6 mA cm−2 produced a modest 1.7% efficiency. The use of ITO allows for illumination of the device from front- and rear-sides, resembling a bifacial solar cell, both of which yield comparable efficiencies. Coupled optoelectronic simulations reveal this architecture may achieve power conversion efficiencies of up to 11.5%, and 13.3% when illuminated from front- and rear-side, respectively, using a realistic quality of perovskite material.

European Research Council (ERC)
ACS Appl.Energy Mater.
Nanoscale Solar Cells

DeLuca, G., Jumabekov, A., Hu, Y., Simonov, A., Lu, J., Tan, B., … Bach, U. (2018). Transparent Quasi-Interdigitated Electrodes for Semi-transparent Perovskite Back-Contact Solar Cells. ACS Appl.Energy Mater., 1(9), 4473–4478. doi:10.1021/acsaem.8b01140