Planarians are a group of flatworms. Some planarian species have remarkable regenerative abilities, which involve abundant pluripotent adult stem cells. This makes these worms a powerful model system for understanding the molecular and evolutionary underpinnings of regeneration. By providing a succinct overview of planarian taxonomy, anatomy, available tools and the molecular orchestration of regeneration, this Primer aims to showcase both the unique assets and the questions that can be addressed with this model system.

Company of Biologists
European Research Council (ERC) , The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Physics of Behavior

Ivankovic, M., Haneckova, R., Thommen, A., Grohme, M., Vila-Farré, M., Werner, S., & Rink, J. (2019). Model systems for regeneration: planarians. Development (Vol. 146, pp. dev167684: 1–12). doi:10.1242/dev.167684