DNA-PAINT based single-particle tracking (DNA-PAINT-SPT) has recently significantly enhanced observation times in in vitro SPT experiments by overcoming the constraints of fluorophore photobleaching. However, with the reported implementation, only a single target can be imaged and the technique cannot be applied straight to live cell imaging. Here we report on leveraging this technique from a proof-of-principle implementation to a useful tool for the SPT community by introducing simultaneous live cell dual-color DNA-PAINT-SPT for quantifying protein dimerization and tracking proteins in living cell membranes, demonstrating its improved performance over single-dye SPT.

Springer Nature
Nature Commun.
Physics of Cellular Interactions

Niederauer, C., Nguyen, C., Wang-Henderson, M., Stein, J., Strauss, S., Cumberworth, A., … Ganzinger, K. (2023). Dual-color DNA-PAINT single-particle tracking enables extended studies of membrane protein interactions. Nature Commun., 14(1), 4345: 1–8. doi:10.1038/s41467-023-40065-8