In pc-LEDs, phosphor blends are illuminated by a blue “pump” LED (GaN die) to achieve the desired spectrum. Nano LEDs are envisioned as pixels for display. This constrains the lateral size and the distance between the phosphor layer & GaN die. We design thin spacers inserted between the phosphor and GaN die, which recover the waveguiding characteristics of the phosphor layer at emission wavelengths and facilitate the use of nanophotonic strategies to increase light absorption and extraction in specific directions.

META conferences
Resonant Nanophotonics

Pal, D., & Koenderink, F. (2023). Nanophotonics with stratified architecture for bright phosphor-based nano LEDs. In 13th International Conference on Metamaterials, Photonic Crystals and Plasmonic, META 2023 (pp. 1701–1701).

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