Suberin from extractive-free cork from Quercus suber L. was depolymerised by methanolysis using different sodium methanolate (NaOMe) concentrations. 1 % and 3 % NaOMe completely removed suberin from cork (54 %-56 % of extractive-free cork), but for lower concentrations there was incomplete solubilisation; with 0.05 % NaOMe, only approximately 80 % of total suberin was removed. The monomeric composition of the extracts differed significantly: for the 0.05 % NaOMe, only alkanoic acids and diacids were found; the yield of co-hydroxy acids increased with reactant concentration, as well as alkanols and ferulic acid. Results from light scattering, SEC and MALDI-MS showed that soluble oligomeric fragments containing suberinic acids were present in the methanolysis mixture. The molecular weight of these oligomeric fragments decreased with higher sodium methanolate concentrations.

Bento, M. F., Pereira, H., Moutinho, M. C., van den Berg, K.-J., Boon, J. J., van den Brink, O. F., & Heeren, R. (2001). Fragmentation of suberin and composition of aliphatic monomers released bij methanolysis of cork from quercus suber L., analysed bij GC-MS and MALDI-MS. Holzforschung, 55, 487–493. doi:10.1515/HF.2001.080