The growth of Xe on the corrugated Cu(110) surface has been investigated using scanning tunneling microscopy. It is shown that the diffusion anisotropy can lead to the stabilization of energetically unfavored structures and growth modes in two dimensions. In the present case the nucleation and growth occurs at [001]-oriented steps at low surface temperature (13 K) whereas at high higher temperatures (40 K) an almost exclusive decoration of the step edges takes place. These results are explained by interaction calculations and Monte Carlo simulations.

Surf. Sci.

Dienwiebel, M., Zeppenfeld, P., Einfeld, J., Comsa, G., Picaud, F., Ramseyer, C., & Girardet, C. (2000). Effect of the diffusion anisotropy on the nucleation and growth of xenon on Cu (110). Surf. Sci., 446, 113–119.