In this work a new scanning probe device for quantitative frictional force measurements is presented. The design of this so-called "tribolever" is optimized for lateral or frictional force detection, with relatively less sensitivity for vertical and torsional motions. Fabrication process for the complicated 3-D structure in a silicon wafer has been developed using a combination of anisotropic deep dry etchings and crystallographic wet etching. Additional fabrication techniques have been explored to tune the mechanical properties of a given tribolever device to the right operation regime.

Sens. Actuators A

Zijlstra, T., Heimberg, J. A., van der Drift, E., Glastra van Loon, D., Dienwiebel, M., de Groot, L. E. M., & Frenken, J. W. M. (2000). Fabrication of a novel scanning probe device for quantitative nanotribology. Sens. Actuators A, 84, 18–24.