We present an alternative method for measuring ultrashort extreme-ultraviolet pulses that can be synchronized with an intense infrared pulse. The method, based on photoionization of a target atom by the extreme-ultraviolet pulse in the presence of the infrared pulse, has a potential accuracy of close to 1 fs and is susceptible to single-shot operation. It is demonstrated on harmonic 15 of a titanium:sapphire laser. The minimum pulse duration that can be measured is limited only by the frequency of the radiation used for the ponderomotive shift of the ionization potential (3 fs in the case of the titanium:sapphire fundamental).

Phys. Rev. A

Toma, E. S., Muller, H. G., Paul, P. M., Breger, P., Cheret, M., Agostini, P., … Cheriaux, G. (2000). Ponderomotive streaking of the ionization potential as a method for measuring pulse durations in the XUV domain with fs resolution. Phys. Rev. A, 62(Article number: 61801), 1–4.