A serie of 17th century Dutch paintings which have been submitted to the "Pettenkofer Process" in the past are studied to investigate the effects of the treatment on their actual condition. Those still carrying their old varnishes exhibit areas with severe dislocation of paint particles. Reconstruction tests confirm the hypothesis of the combination of alcohol vapours and copaiva balsam being the cause of such defects. A systematic publication presenting the phenomena in top view, cross-section and analytical results as well as archive research is in progress.

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CNRS Editions
J. Goupy , J.-P. Mohen

Schmitt, S. (2000). Progress in research on effects of the Pettenkofer process. In J. Goupy & J.-P. Mohen (Eds.), Art et Chimie, la Couleur: Actes du congrès (pp. 137–140).