We report the observation of plasmonic modes of annular resonators in nanofabricated Ag and Au surfaces that are imaged by spectrally resolved cathodoluminescence. A highly focused 30 keV electron beam is used to excite localized surface plasmons that couple to collective resonant modes of the nanoresonators. We demonstrate unprecedented resolution of plasmonic mode excitation and by combining these observations with full-field simulations find that cathodoluminescence in plasmonic nanostructures is most efficiently excited at positions corresponding to antinodes in the modal electric field intensity.

Nano Lett.
Photonic Materials

Hofmann, C. E., Vesseur, E. J. R., Sweatlock, L. A., Lezec, H. J., García de Abajo, J., Polman, A., & Atwater, H. (2007). Plasmonic modes of annular nanoresonators imaged by spectrally resolved cathodoluminescence. Nano Lett., 7, 3612–3617. doi:10.1021/nl071789f