We have theoretically shown that the yield of diffuse radiation generated by relativistic electrons passing random multilayered systems can be increased when a resonant condition is met. The resonant condition can be satisfied for the wavelength region representing visible light as well as soft X rays. The intensity of diffusive soft X rays for specific multilayered systems consisting of two components is compared with the intensity of Cherenkov radiation. For radiation at a photon energy of 99.4 eV, the intensity of resonant diffusive radiation (RDR) generated by 5-MeV electrons passing a Be/Si multilayer exceeds the intensity of Cherenkov radiation by a factor of ˜60 for electrons with the same energy passing a Si foil. For a photon energy of 453 eV and 13 MeV, electrons passing a Be/Ti multilayer generate RDR exceeding the Cherenkov radiation generated by electrons passing Ti foils by a factor ˜130.

Laser Phys.

Sarkisyan, E. M., Gevorkian, Z. S., Oganesyan, K. B., Harutyunyan, V. V., Saakyan, V. A., Gevorgyan, S. G., … Fedorov, S. M. (2007). Resonant diffusive radiation in random multilayered systems. Laser Phys., 17, 1080–1084. doi:10.1134/s1054660x07080117