We describe how optical contact lithography based on plasmon particle array masks allows generation of a large number of different subwavelength exposure patterns using a single mask. Within an exact point dipole model, we study the local response of silver particles in small two-dimensional arrays with 50-200 nm spacing. We show how illumination with unfocused light allows optically addressing particles either individually or in controlled configurations; which pattern will be exposed by the mask is programmed by varying the wavelength, incidence angle, and polarization of the incident wave.

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Persistent URL dx.doi.org/10.1021/nl0630034
Journal Nano Lett.
Koenderink, A.F, Hernández, J.V, Robicheaux, F, Noordam, L.D, & Polman, A. (2007). Programmable nanolithography with plasmon nanoparticle arrays. Nano Lett., 7, 745–749. doi:10.1021/nl0630034