Dynamic headspace analysis was performed on several samples of foodstuffs in a special gas chromatographic injection system which is normally used for Curie-point pyrolysis analysis. Photoionization was used in the gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric instrument as a reproducible low-energy ionization method. Mass spectral accumulation of the data yields fingerprints of the samples which are amenable to computer-assisted statistical data analysis.

Biomed. Environ. Mass Spectrom.

Adamczyk, B., Genuit, W. J. L., & Boon, J. J. (1988). A simple approach to the dynamic headspace analysis of volatile flavours using a gas chromatograph/photoionization mass spectrometer. Biomed. Environ. Mass Spectrom., 16, 373–375. doi:10.1002/bms.1200160173