Sporopollenin obtained from wings of Pinus mugo (Turra) pollen was analysed by pyrolysis mass spectrometry. In the spectrum, mass peaks which are characteristic for p-coumaric acid were dominant. p-Coumaric acid was the main degradation compound when the wing material was treated by a gentle method using AII3, and also when the remaining residue of the treated sporopollenin material was saponified. It is therefore assumed that p-coumaric acid is a genuine structural unit in the sporopollenin skeleton. In addition, the effects of AII3 treatment indicate that the p-coumaric acid might be bound by ether linkages.


Wehling, K., Niester, C., Boon, J. J., Willemse, M. T. M., & Wiermann, R. (1989). p-Coumaric acid - a monomer in the sporopollenin skeleton. Planta, 179, 376–380. doi:10.1007/BF00391083