Solid phase epitaxy and ion-beam-induced epitaxial crystallization of Er-doped amorphous Si are used to incorporate high concentrations of Er in crystal Si. During solid phase epitaxy, substantial segregation and trapping of Er is observed, with maximum Er concentrations trapped in single crystal Si of up to 2 x 1020 /cm3. Ion-beam-induced regrowth results in very little segregation, with Er concentrations of more than 5 x 1020/cm3 achievable. Photoluminescence from the incorporated Er is observed.

Pittsburgh: MRS
G.S. Pomrenke , P.B. Klein , D.W. Langer
Photonic Materials

Custer, J. S., Polman, A., Snoeks, E., & van den Hoven, G. N. (1993). High concentrations of erbium in crystal silicon by thermal or ion-beam-induced epitaxy of erbium-implanted amorphous silicon. In G. S. Pomrenke, P. B. Klein, & D. W. Langer (Eds.), Rare Earth Doped Semiconductors (pp. 101–105).