We present a fully correlated ab-initio calculation of electronic states of H- in a strong electromagnetic field, in the high-frequency limit. We find a nonmonotonic increase of the detachment energy with increasing field intensity, to a value larger than that of the unperturbed H- ion. Several light-induced bound states do appear, among which doubly excited states. Curves giving the binding energies of these states as a function of intensity are presented.

American Institute of Physics
T. Andersen , B. Fastrup , F. Folkmann , H. Knudsen , N. Andersen

Muller, H. G., & Gavrila, M. (1993). Light-induced singly and doubly excited states of the negative hydrogen ion. In T. Andersen, B. Fastrup, F. Folkmann, H. Knudsen, & N. Andersen (Eds.), The Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions : XVIII International Conference, Aarhus, Denmark 1993 (pp. 115–124).