An experimental study is presented on the predissociation of perturbed n=3 Rydberg systems in N2 converging to the X2Š+g and A2 Ýu ions states. The Rydberg states are formed in collisions of N+2 with cesium at energies between 4.8 and 7 keV. The dissociation fragments are recorded using translational spectroscopy. Assignment of the Rydberg states is realized with a selective laser excitation technique. The laser excitation also reveals the ion core excitation concurrent with electron transfer is a significant mechanism in the charge-transfer formation of the (3sog)A+ Rydberg states. The (3pýu)x+G3Ýu(v=O), (3pou)X+D3Š+u(v=O), (3sog)A+F3Ýu(v=0-3), and (3sog)A+o1Ýu(v=0-4) states are observed with all levels predissociating to N(2D)+N(4S)atoms. The vibrational numbering of the F3Ýu state is reassigned with respect to earlier work.

Chem. Phys.

van der Kamp, A. B., Cosby, P. C., & van der Zande, W. J. (1994). Charge-transfer production of predissociated N2 states. I. The n= 3 Rydberg state region (12.8-14 eV). Chem. Phys., 184, 319–333.