We have measured diffuse x-ray scattering from three multilayer samples both at low and high angles (up to 2q=15 deg). The line shape of the diffuse scattering yields information on the lateral spatial frequency distribution of the roughness of the interfaces. However, at low angle those line shapes are strongly disturbed by dynamical effects. At high angle this is not the case, and therefore we are able to use the line shapes to extract roughness profiles of multilayers as a function of the constituting materials and deposition conditions. The samples used all consisted of 10 periods of roughly 6 nm and were deposited by electron beam evaporation at room temperature. The first two samples were Mo/Si. One of those had each of its layers bombarded with 300 eV Kr ions, while the other sample was not ion bombarded. The third sample was a non ion bombarded WRe/C multilayer.

Optical Society of America

Schlatmann, R., Shindler, J. D., & Verhoeven, J. (1994). Diffuse x-ray scattering measurements from multilayers. In Physics of X-ray Multilayer Structures : Summaries of Papers Presented at the Physics of X-ray Multilayer Structures Topical Meeting, March 14-17, 1994, Jackson Hole, Wyoming : Conference Edition (pp. 122–124).