We use amplified programmable shaped optical pulses to engineer Rydberg wavefunctions. The method employs a computer-controlled liquid crystal pulse shaper. The wavefunctions, which are nonstationary states, are monitored by observing temporal interference via the optical Ramsey method.

Cham: Springer
P.F. Barbara , W.H. Knox , G.A. Mourou , A.H. Zewail

Bucksbaum, P. H., Schumacher, D. W., Pinkos, D., Hoogenraad, J. H., Krause, J. L., & Wilson, K. R. (1994). Programmable wave-function engineering is Cs Rydberg states. In P. F. Barbara, W. H. Knox, G. A. Mourou, & A. H. Zewail (Eds.), Ultrafast Phenomena IX : Proceedings of the 9th International Conference, Dana Point, CA, May 2-6,1994 (pp. 260–262).