Quasibound rovibronic states in CO+ and NO+ with excitation energies of more than 20 eV are formed in charge-exchange reactions of CO2+ and NO2+ with alkali atoms. The kinetic energy released upon dissociation is measured by using translational spectroscopy. A new and simple device is presented to determine which fragment holds the charge. A large number of quasibound states is found, spread over all dissociation limits. The complexity of the spectra prevents a full interpretation of all structures. The absence of long-lived vibrationally excited states in CO2+, which was predicted theoretically is corroborated.

Chem. Phys.

van der Kamp, A. B., Athmer, P. B., Hiemstra, R. S., Peterson, J. R., & van der Zande, W. J. (1995). Evidence for quasibound states in highly excited CO+ and NO+. Chem. Phys., 193, 181–191.