This paper describes experiments on three forms of temperature dependent surface behaviour. We use scanning tunnelling microscopy to investigate the diffusive motion of steps and kinks on two low-index crystal surfaces, Au(110) and Pb(111), and to directly observe the surface roughening transition on the vicinal Ag(115)surface. The high depth sensitivity of medium-energy ion scattering is exploited in the study of surface melting and the related high temperature faceting of surfaces vicinal to Pb(111).

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Publisher Inst. Phys. Chem., BAS
Editor M. Michailov , I. Gutzow
Frenken, J. W. M, Kuipers, L, Hoogeman, M. S, & van Pinxteren, H. M. (1994). Dynamics and phase transitions at surfaces observed with STM and ion scattering. In M Michailov & I Gutzow (Eds.), Thin Films and Phase Transitions on Surfaces : Proc. East-West Surf. Sci. Workshop 94, EWSSW' 94, 14-21 Feb. 1994, Pamporovo Ski Center, Bulgaria (pp. 209–222). Inst. Phys. Chem., BAS.