A rope recovered from the wreck of a mediaeval cog near Rutten (Noordoostpolder, The Netherlands) was found to be made of non-retted hemp bark. It was classified as a "three production step rope". Cellulose and hemicellulose of the secondary walls of the bast fibres of the rope had disappeared, but lignin was not affected and had preserved the shape of the rope.

J. Archaeol. Sci.

Sassen, M. M. A., Oostendorp, C. E. C. M., Boon, J. J., van der Heijden, E., Stassen, P., & Op den Camp, H. J. M. (1995). Rope from the Rutten cog, a 13th century seagoing vessel found in the Netherlands. J. Archaeol. Sci., 22, 551–559.