Theoretical data for electron impact excitation of neutral helium in the He (21,3S) states are reviewed and a preferred data set is established for excitation to the He (n1,3L) states with n=2-4. Such a set of data was presented in a FOM report. The present work is an improvement made possible by new theoretical data, in particular the convergent close coupling data of Bray and Fursa, valid for the entire impact energy range of interest.

Nucl. Fusion, Suppl.

de Heer, F. J., Bray, I., Fursa, D. V., Bliek, F. W., Folkerts, H. O., Hoekstra, R., & Summers, H. P. (1995). Excitation of He(21,3S) by electron impact. Nucl. Fusion, Suppl., 6, 7–26.