The dissociative scattering of CF3+ ions from a barium-covered Ag(111) surface has been studied for incident energies between 100 and 500 eV. The negatively charged scattering products only showed F- and the positives showed CF+ and C+ fragments. No negatively charged molecular ions are observed. The results are compared with those on scattering from a clean Ag(111) surface. The lowering of the work function facilitates resonant neutralization into the excited 3s Rydberg state of the neutral molecule. Consequently, the spectral features associated with Auger neutralization are not observed.

Surf. Sci.

Koppers, W. R., Beijersbergen, J. H. M., Tsumori, K., Weeding, T. L., Kistemaker, P. G., & Kleyn, A. W. (1996). Dissociative scattering of CF+3 from a barium-covered Ag(111) surface. Surf. Sci., 357-358, 678–683.