Ionic species obtained by electron impact on (OCS)n clusters produced by expansion of OCS mixed with argon at two different (OCS/argon) concentrations are studied as a function of stagnation pressure and electron energy. Ionization efficiency curves of homogeneous cluster ions (OCS)n+, homogeneous sulfur cluster ions Sm+ and inhomogeneous ions (OCS)n Sm+ are analyzed. Several reactions paths, ending in Sm+ have been identified. The strong correlation between reaction path and cluster size is discussed. Finally, by minimization of the potential function created by dipole-dipole dipole-quadrupole, and quadrupole-quadrupole interactions between OCS molecules we propose the geometrical configurations of neutral (OCS)n (n =2-5) clusters.

J. Chem. Phys.

Frazao, J. M. A., Lourenço, J. M. C., Aurea Cunha, M., Laranjeira, M. F., Los, J. H., & Moutinho, M. C. (1996). The sulfur reaction in small ionized carbonyl sulfide clusters. J. Chem. Phys., 104, 8393–8404.