The incorporation of erbium in silicon is studied during solid phase epitaxy (SPE) of Er implanted amorphous Si on crystalline Si, and during Si molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). Segregation and trapping of Er is observed on Si(100), both during SPE and MBE. The trapping during SPE shows a discontinuous dependence on Er concentration, attributed to the effect of defect trap sites in the amorphous Si near the interface. Trapping during MBE is described by a continuous kinetic growth model. Above a critical Er density (which is lower for MBE than for SPE), growth instabilities occur, attributed to the formation of silicide precipitates. No segregation occurs during MBE on Si(111), attributed to the epitaxial growth of silicide precipitates.

Materials Research Society
S. Coffa , A. Polman (Albert) , A. Polman (Albert) , R.N. Schwartz
Photonic Materials

Polman, A., Polman, A., Serna, R., Custer, J. S., & Lohmeier, M. (1996). Segregation and trapping of erbium in silicon at a crystal-amorphous or crystal-vacuum interface. In S. Coffa, A. Polman, A. Polman, & R. N. Schwartz (Eds.), Rare Earth Doped Semiconductors II : Symposium held April 8-10, 1996, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. (pp. 21–27).