With time-resolved (picosecond) infrared holeburning spectroscopy, we directly demonstrate the inhomogeneity of acid sites in zeolites. Remarkably, the degree of relative inhomogeneity decreases upon adsorption of weakly interacting molecules.

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Publisher Amsterdam: Elsevier
Editor H. Chon , S.-K. Ihm , Y.S. Uh
Bonn, M, Brugmans, M.J.P, Bakker, H.J, Kleyn, A.W, & van Santen, R.A. (1997). Infrared holeburning spectroscopy in acid zeolites. In H Chon, S.-K Ihm, & Y.S Uh (Eds.), Progress in Zeolite and Microporous Materials; part A : Proceedings of the 11th International Zeolite Conference, Seoul, Korea, August 12-17, 1996 (pp. 567–574). Amsterdam: Elsevier.