We report the design and fabrication of small photonic crystal structures which are combined with conventional dielectric ridge waveguides. We describe in details the fabrication of both rough and smooth membranes, which are used as host for photonic crystals. Two Focused Ion Beam milling experiments are highlighted: the first one shows how photonic crystals can be fast and accurate milled into a Si membrane, whereas the second experiment demonstrates how focused ion beam milling can turn a rough surface into a well-patterned nano-smooth surface. The previously ultra rough surface showed no detectable roughness after milling due to the nanopolishing effect of the focused ion beam milling.

Bellingham: SPIE
R.M. De La Rue , P. Viktorovitch , C. Lopez (Carlos)

Hopman, W. C. L., de Ridder, R. M., Selvaraja, S. K., Bostan, C. G., Gadgil, V. J., Kuipers, K., & Driessen, A. (2006). Realization of 2-dimensional air-bridge silicon photonic crystals by focused ion beam, milling and nanopolishing. In R. M. De La Rue, P. Viktorovitch, & C. Lopez (Eds.), Photonics europe conference on photonic crystal materials and devices III, 3 April 2006, Strasbourg, France (pp. 167–173). doi:10.1117/12.666788