This paper describes natural aging processes in the seventeenth-century oil paintings from the Oranjezaal ensemble in the Huis ten Bosch Palace (The Hague). Degradation of a wide range of pigments - lead white, lead-tin yellow, minium, smalt, azurite, ultramarine, vivianite, orpiment, vermilion, bone black, organic lakes, indigo and Kassel earth - in oil paints is discussed. In this unique case of an ensemble kept under known conditions and with similar restoration histories, it was possible to relatethe degree of aging to differences of quality of pigment and binding medium and the ways the artists applied their materials.

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D. Saunders , J.H. Townsend , S. Woodcock

van Loon, A., Speleers, L., Ferreira, E. S. B., Keune, K., & Boon, J. J. (2006). The relationship between preservation and technique in paintings in the Oranjezaal. In D. Saunders, J. H. Townsend, & S. Woodcock (Eds.), The object in context : crossing conservation boundaries : contributions to the Munich congres 28 August - 1 September 2006 (pp. 217–223).