A new versatile external ion source quadrupole mass spectrometer design is presented. The analysis of macromolecules in complex organic matrices and the direct analysis of organic surfaces were the design aims. Two different ion sources were developed to achieve these goals. The first source uses in source desorption and ionisation techniques, such as MALDI, EI/CI, MCI and in-source Pyrolysis. The second ion source is designed to perform spatially resolved desorption from organic surfaces. Production of neutrals and ions are spatially and temporary separated in the latter design. Both sources are readily exchangeable. Fast analysis of low (up to m/z 6000) polymers is facilitated with this new external ion source matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer.


Heeren, R., van Rooij, G. J., Wyplosz, N., & Boon, J. J. (1997). Polymer analysis with an external ion source MALDI qudrupole ion trap mass spectrometer. In Proceedings ASMS : The 45th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, June 1-5, 1997, Palm Springs, California.