We present an experimental study on the coherent dynamics of charge carriers in semiconductor heterostructures, i.e. Bloch oscillations in superlattices and intervalence band quantum beats in single quantum wells. With a combination of four-wave mixing and electron-optic sampling we are able to compare the dynamics of the optical conduction-valence band (interband) coherence with that of the far-infrared intraconduction band and intervalence band coherences. The dephasing times of the latter coherences are observed to be significantly longer than that of the interband coherence.

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Journal Phys. Status Solidi B
Bakker, H.J, Dekorsy, T, Cho, G.C, Kurz, H, & Leisching, P. (1998). Coherent dynamics of continuum and excitonic states in quantum confined systems. Phys. Status Solidi B, 206, 443–453.