Mass-spectrometric characterisation of commercial polymer formulations is used to determine molecular weight distribution, to identify monomeric units and end-groups, sequence and structure of copolymers as well as additives and impurities. In particular high resolution high speed, FTICR-MS analysis will shown to be invaluable in polymer characterisation. Here, a few examples will be presented of direct polymer analyses with MALDI FTICR-MS for both molecular weight distribution determination and end-group identification of medium size synthetic polymers. Additionally it will be shown how temperature programmed "in-source" pyrolysis FTICR-MS can be used as an indirect method for the analysis of polymer additives.

K.R. Jennings

Heeren, R.M.A, van Rooij, G.J, de Koster, C.G, & Boon, J.J. (1999). Characterisation of synthetic polymers with FT-ICR-MS. In K.R Jennings (Ed.), Fundamentals and Applications of Gas Phase Ion Chemistry (pp. 454–456). Kluwer.