Egg was deposited on carrier material and exposed to high intensities of visible light. Comparison of the MALDI-FT-MS spectra of light aged sample with a control (unexposed) sample showed the formation of compounds 16 amu higher than peaks depleted upon light ageing. The high resolution FTMS data allowed determination of the exact elemental composition of the lipid alteration products, and unambiguously showed incorporation of oxygen. SORI CAD was used to analyse the structure of one of the oxidation products and it was determined to which fatty acid residue the oxygen had been introduced.

Elsevier B.V.
E.J. Karjalainen , A.E. Hesso , J.E. Jalonen , U.P. Karjalainen

van den Brink, O. F., O'Connor, P. B., Duursma, M. C., Heeren, R., Peulvé, S., & Boon, J. J. (1998). Analyis of oxygenated egg lipids in tempera paint by MALDI FT-ICR-MS(MS). In E. J. Karjalainen, A. E. Hesso, J. E. Jalonen, & U. P. Karjalainen (Eds.), Advances in Mass Spectrometry ; vol. 14 : Proceedings of the 14th International Mass Spectrometry Conference held in Tampere 25-29 August 1997 (pp. 1–7).