The heavy-ion storage ring CRYRING at the Manne Siegbahn Laboratory at Stockholm University has been used for the study of dissociative recombination of 3HeH+. The new adiabatically expanded electron beam at CRYRING, which is achieved by means of a superconducting magnet, was used. The electron-beam expansion factor of 100 gave a transverse electron temperature of about 1 meV. This allowed the observation of several new resonances in the recombination cross-section.

Hyperfine Interact.

Al Khalili, A., Danared, H., Larsson, M., Le Padellec, A., Peverall, R., Rosén, S., … van der Zande, W. J. (1998). Dissociative recombination of 3HeH+: Comparison of spectra obtained with 100, 10 and 1 meV temperature electron beams. Hyperfine Interact., 114, 281–287.