A microchannel plate/CCD-camera particle detector is described that utilises gold strips deposited upon the surface of a MCP to provide particle arrival time information. The uncertainty in the timing is assessed to be ~500 ps (FWHM) for a measured time interval between adjacent strips. The main contribution of which is the result of the slow response time of the CFD compared to the signal. The application of timing measurement is shown to be of particular benefit in the accurate determination of product state branching ratios from the dissociative recombination of diatomic ions. Finally, the possibilities of such a detector are assessed.

Hyperfine Interact.

Rosén, S., Peverall, R., ter Horst, J., Sundström, G., Semaniak, J., Sundqvist, O., … van der Zande, W. J. (1998). A position- and time-sensitive particle detector with subnanosecond time resolution. Hyperfine Interact., 115, 201–208.