The dynamics of a Rydberg Stark wave packet above the saddle point of the combined Coulomb-electric field potential is investigated by conventional pump-probe techniques and an atomic streak camera. This new device records when the electron is ejected from the autoionizing system. With some modifications this streak camera can also be used to measure the shape of infrared laser pulses with a picosecond time resolution

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Publisher American Institute of Physics
Editor W. E. Baylis , G. W. Drake
Noordam, L. D, & Robicheaux, F. (1998). Dynamics of autoionizing Rydberg atoms in an electric field. In W. E Baylis & G. W Drake (Eds.), Atomic Physics 16 : Sixteenth International Conference on Atomic Physics, Windsor, Ontario, Canada August 1998 (pp. 197–208). American Institute of Physics.