Semiconducting nanowire heterostructures represent a new class of nanostructures that offer unprecedented freedom in material design. The position, diameter, composition and doping can be controlled with precision and complex structures such as core-shell and branched wires have already been demonstrated. Here we show that heterostructures in nanowires can define quantum emitters and that single spins can be addressed optically. We also present results on electrically contacted nanowires. The operation of single nanowires as light emitting diode or photodetector is demonstrated.
C. R. Phys.

Zwiller, V., Akopian, N., van Weert, M. H. M., van Kouwen, M. P., Perinetti, U., Kouwenhoven, L. P., … Motohisa, J. (2008). Optics with single nanowires. C. R. Phys., 9, 804–815. doi:10.1016/j.crhy.2008.10.016