The range of the intermolecular potential determines whether or not stable liquidvapour coexistence is possible. We argue that for short range attraction, the liquidvapour transition may be located below the sublimation line. Under those conditions, meta-stable critical fluctuations may enhance the rate of crystal nucleation

M. Lal , R.A. Mashelkar , B.D. Kulkarni , V.N. Naik
Biochemical Networks

Frenkel, D., & ten Wolde, P. R. (1999). From Van der Waals to protein crystallisation. In M. Lal, R. A. Mashelkar, B. D. Kulkarni, & V. N. Naik (Eds.), Structure and Dynamics of Materials in the Mesoscopic Domain : Proceedings of the Fourth Royal Society - Unilever Indo-UK Forum in Materials Science and Engineering (pp. 139–149).