This review provides a perspective on the recent developments in the transmission of light through subwavelength apertures in metal films. The main focus is on the phenomenon of extraordinary optical transmission in periodic hole arrays, discovered over a decade ago. It is shown that surface electromagnetic modes play a key role in the emergence of the resonant transmission. These modes are also shown to be at the root of both the enhanced transmission and beaming of light found in single apertures surrounded by periodic corrugations. This review describes both the theoretical and experimental aspects of the subject. For clarity, the physical mechanisms operating in the different structures considered are analyzed within a common theoretical framework. Several applications based on the transmission properties of subwavelength apertures are also addressed.
Rev. Mod. Phys.

Garcia-Vidal, F., Martin-Moreno, L., Ebbesen, T. W., & Kuipers, K. (2010). Light passing through subwavelength apertures. Rev. Mod. Phys., 82(1), 729–787. doi:10.1103/RevModPhys.82.729