We experimentally study the fields close to an interface between two photonic crystal waveguides that have different dispersion properties. After the transition from a waveguide in which the group velocity of light is vg∼c/10 to a waveguide in which it is vg∼c/100, we observe a gradual increase in the field intensity and the lateral spreading of the mode. We attribute this evolution to the existence of a weakly evanescent mode that exponentially decays away from the interface. We compare this to the situation where the transition between the waveguides only leads to a minor change in group velocity and show that, in that case, the evolution is absent. Furthermore, we apply novel numerical mode extraction techniques to confirm experimental results.

Opt. Lett.

Spasenović, M., White, T. P., Ha, S., Sukhorukov, A. A., Kampfrath, T., Kivshar, Y., … Kuipers, K. (2011). Experimental observation of evanescent modes at the interface to slow-light photonic crystal waveguides. Opt. Lett., 36(7), 1170–1172. doi:10.1364/OL.36.001170