A novel inverse imprinting procedure for nanolithography is presented which offers a transfer accuracy and feature definition that is comparable to state-of-the-art nanofabrication techniques. We illustrate the fabrication quality of a demanding nanophotonic structure: a photonic crystal waveguide. Local examination using photon scanning tunneling microscopy (PSTM) shows that the resulting nanophotonic structures have excellent guiding properties at wavelengths in the telecommunications range, which indicates a high quality of the local structure and the overall periodicity.

Nano Lett.

Bruinink, C.M, Burresi, M, Segerink, F.B, Jansen, H.V, de Boer, M.J, Berenschot, E, … Kuipers, L.K. (2008). Nanoimprint lithography for nanophotonics in silicon. Nano Lett., 8, 2872–2877. doi:10.1021/nl801615c