Nanophotonic structures have attracted attention for light trapping in solar cells with the potential to manage and direct light absorption on the nanoscale. While both randomly textured and nanophotonic structures have been investigated, the relationship between photocurrent and the spatial correlations of random or designed surfaces has been unclear. Here we systematically design pseudorandom arrays of nanostructures based on their power spectral density, and correlate the spatial frequencies with measured and simulated photocurrent. The integrated cell design consists of a patterned plasmonic back reflector and a nanostructured semiconductor top interface, which gives broadband and isotropic photocurrent enhancement.
Nano Lett.
Photonic Materials

Ferry, V. E., Verschuuren, M., van Lare, M. C., Schropp, R., Atwater, H., & Polman, A. (2011). Optimized spatial correlations for broadband light trapping in ultra-thin a-Si:H solar cells. Nano Lett., 11(10), 4239–4245. doi:10.1021/nl202226r