We demonstrate that symmetric or asymmetric gold nanoparticle dimers with substantial scattering cross sections and plasmon coupling can be produced with a perfectly controlled chemical environment and a high purity using a single DNA linker as short as 7 nm. A statistical analysis of the optical properties and morphology of single dimers is performed using darkfield and cryoelectron microscopies. These results, correlated to Mie theory calculations, indicate that the particle dimers are stretched in water by electrostatic interactions.

Nano Lett.
Photonic Materials

Busson, M. P., Rolly, B., Stout, B., Bonod, N., Larquet, E., Polman, A., & Bidault, S. (2011). Optical and topological characterization of gold nanoparticle dimers linked by a single DNA double-strand. Nano Lett., 11(11), 5060–5065. doi:10.1021/nl2032052