We report the direct and unambiguous determination of electron transfer rates and efficiencies from PbSe quantum dots (QDs) to mesoporous SnO2 films. We monitor the time-dependent electron density within the oxide with picosecond time resolution using Terahertz spectroscopy, following optical excitation of the QDs using a femtosecond laser pulse. QD-oxide electron transfer occurs with efficiencies of ∼2% in our samples under 800 nm pumping with a marked dependence on QD size, ranging from ∼100 ps injection times for the smallest, ∼2 nm diameter QDs, to ∼1 ns time scale for ∼7 nm QDs. The size-dependent electron transfer rates are modeled within the framework of Marcus theory and the implications of the results for device design are discussed.

Nano Lett.

Cánovas, E., Moll, P., Jensen, S. A., Gao, Y., Houtepen, A., Siebbeles, L., … Bonn, M. (2011). Size-dependent electron transfer from PbSe quantum dots to SnO2 monitored by picosecond Terahertz Spectroscopy. Nano Lett., 11(12), 5234–5239. doi:10.1021/nl202550v