TOF-SIMS is popular in biological sciences due to its ability to investigate the spatial distribution of molecules in tissue sections and other biological samples with a very high spatial resolution. Here we present an example of a strategy that determines the molecular distribution of cholesterol on the surface of a tissue section. In this chapter several sample preparation considerations for TOF-SIMS analysis are presented. Additionally, the influence of different sample coating methods and technical obstacles, which may appeared during analysis, will be discussed.

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Publisher NOVA Publisher
Editor S. König
Bodzon-Kulakowska, A, Kiss, A, Chughtai, K, & Heeren, R.M.A. (2012). Distribution of cholesterol in the brain tissue as an example of TOF-SIMS analysis. In S König (Ed.), 8th Münster Conference on Single Cell and Molecule Analysis Nov. 16-17, 2011 : Proceedings (pp. 1–10). NOVA Publisher.