We describe both theoretically and experimentally the existence and excitation of confined modes in planar arrays of gold nanodisks. Ordered 2D lattices of monodispersive nanoparticles are manufactured, embedded in a silica matrix, and exposed to evanescent prism-coupling illumination, leading to dark features in the reflectivity, which signal the presence of confined modes guided along the arrays. We find remarkable agreement between theory and experiment in the frequency-momentum dispersion of the resonances. Direct excitation of these modes reveals long propagation distances and deep extinction features. This combined experimental and theoretical characterization of guidedmodes shows a good understanding of the optical response of metallic particles arrays, which can be beneficial in future designs of optical-signal and distant-sensing applications.

Opt. Express

Bendaña, X., Lozano, G., Pirruccio, G., Gómez Rivas, J., & García de Abajo, J. (2013). Excitation of con fined modes on particle arrays. Opt. Express, 21(2), 5636–5642. doi:10.1364/0E.21.00536