We experimentally demonstrate spatiotemporal focusing of light on single nanocrystals embedded inside a strongly scattering medium. Our approach is based on spatial wave front shaping of short pulses, using second harmonic generation inside the target nanocrystals as the feedback signal. We successfully develop a model both for the achieved pulse duration as well as the observed enhancement of the feedback signal. The approach enables exciting opportunities for studies of light propagation in the presence of strong scattering as well as for applications in imaging, micro- and nanomanipulation, coherent control and spectroscopy in complex media.

Opt. Express

Aulbach, J., Johnson, P. M., & Lagendijk, A. (2012). Spatiotemporal focusing in opaque scattering media by wave front shaping with nonlinear feedback. Opt. Express, 20(28), 29237–29251. doi:10.1364/OE.20.029237