Progress to reduce non-radiative Auger decay in colloidal nanocrystals has recently been made by growing thick shells. However, the physics of Auger suppression is not yet fully understood. Here, we examine the dynamics and spectral characteristics of single CdSe-dotin-CdS-rod nanocrystals. These exhibit blinking due to charging/discharging, as well as traprelated blinking. We show that one-dimensional electron delocalization into the rod-shaped shell can be as effective as a thick spherical shell at reducing Auger recombination of the negative trion state.

Nano Lett.
Resonant Nanophotonics

Rabouw, F., Lunnemann, P., van Dijk-Moes, R. J. A., Frimmer, M., Pietra, F., Koenderink, F., & Vanmaekelbergh, D. A. (2013). Reduced Auger recombination in single CdSe/CdS nanorods by one-dimensional electron delocalization. Nano Lett., 13(10), 4884–4892. doi:10.1021/nl4027567