Structurally defined, long (>100 nm), and low-band-gap (∼1.2 eV) graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) were synthesized through a bottom-up approach, enabling GNRs with a broad absorption spanning into the near-infrared (NIR) region. The chemical identity of GNRs was validated by IR, Raman, solid-state NMR, and UV–vis–NIR absorption spectroscopy. Atomic force microscopy revealed well-ordered self-assembled monolayers of uniform GNRs on a graphite surface upon deposition from the liquid phase. The broad absorption of the low-band-gap GNRs enables their detailed characterization by Raman and time-resolved terahertz photoconductivity spectroscopy with excitation at multiple wavelengths, including the NIR region, which provides further insights into the fundamental physical properties of such graphene nanostructures.

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Journal ACS Nano
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Narita, A, Verzhbitskiy, I.A, Frederickx, W, Mali, K.S, Jensen, S.A, Hansen, M.R, … Muellen, K. (2014). Bottom-Up Synthesis of Liquid-Phase-Processable Graphene Nanoribbons with Near-Infrared Absorption. ACS Nano, 8(11), 11622–11630. doi:10.1021/nn5049014