A new probe of multiple scattering material is demonstrated experimentally. Light from a tunable wavelength source is focused to a point on the surface of an opaque slab. A fraction of this light penetrates into the slab, is multiply scattered, and reemerges at the surface creating a surface speckle pattern. The full spatial and frequency speckle can be easily and quickly recorded using a CCD and an acoustooptical tunable filter. Both the average intensity and frequency correlations of intensity are analyzed as a function of the distance to the source. This method is demonstrated experimentally for white paint. The resulting model yields information about both the static and dynamic transport properties of the sample. The technique has prospects for both static and time resolved diffuse imaging in strongly scattering materials. The setup can be easily used as an add-on to a standard bright field microscope

F. Bernal Arango
Opt. Express

Johnson, P. M., van der Beek, T., & Lagendijk, A. (2014). Diffuse imaging and radius dependent frequency correlations in strongly scattering media. Opt. Express, 22(11), 13330–13342. doi:10.1364/OE.22.013330